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How You Can Remove Mold In Your Home and Have Better Health

July 9, 2012 - Updated: July 9, 2012


It is a dangerous thing to have mold inside your house. Molds can grow in a variety of places in your house; the one common denominator being moisture.   When an area is always damp, this provides the perfect environment for molds to accumulate in that particular area. This holds a health risk not only for pregnant women, children and the elderly, but also in any healthy adult.  The respiratory system is impacted which can prove to be particularly problematic for asthmatics.
In order to prevent these occurrences, there are some precautions you can take in order to purify the air and eliminate the mold from your home.
1. Pin Point Where the Mold is Located
Mold can grow on windows, walls, carpets and many areas that you least expect. As long as there is moisture and you haven’t cleaned it, there will be a chance that accumulation will happen. Leaks and water damage are also red flags of where molds most likely can grow. From sinks to tubs and damp carpets, all of these areas can be breeding grounds.  Basements need to be examined thoroughly as they are prone to leakage and dampness.
2. Clean The Area Immediately
There is really no rule of thumb when it comes to prevention of molds other than to keep your home dry. Fixing leaks and having the experts take care of the water proofing matters can be one of the best things that you can do to prevent the growth of mold in your home. But of course, if mold is already present in your home you should use the necessary materials in order to take care of the problem. You need to make use of masks and detergents, repair drywall, repaint.  Ensure that there aren’t any bigger sources of water leakage such as cracks in the foundation, leaks in the roof.  Small areas can be cleaned using a solution of unscented detergent and warm water, whereas if mold has accumulated on drywal, it is best to use baking soda instead.
3. When to Let Experts Do The Work
Should the damage be extensive, leave the work to an expert.  What's considered extensive?  When you have 3 or more patches of mold, when you have mold more than 1 square metre in size or when mold keeps coming back after continuous cleaning efforts.  Walls may need to be rebuilt, foundations fixed, and you want to ensure that this does not become a recurring problem.  
Be proactive, eliminate any areas of dampness in your home.  This problem can compound quickly resulting in an expensive undertaking.  Check your home regularly, in particular the basement, for moisture.  If needed, use a dehumidifier in the basement to reduce humidity. 

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