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Power of Your Words

December 5, 2008

The thoughts, ideas and concepts framed using the power of certain words can bring about amazing results, as some words are extremely powerful. It can create a winning message and have an emotional influence over readers mind. The right words can not only increase your sales but also create many new potential buyers dramatically.

It is a proved fact that whether the words are written or spoken, they have enormous power. You can do some research to find the power words or phrases that capture your attention. Then note down these words in your diary. If it captured your attention, there are more chances that they will hold peoples attention and invoke reaction in them. When time comes you can use power of your words to stimulate interest and drive profits.

When the power words are combined with the right message, you can get very good results. The difference of just few words can either pull in prospects or push them away. It is very important that you use the power of your words in headlines and content of your sales page because when the people visit your sales page you have about 10 seconds to grab their attention. If you cannot make it within that first 10 seconds, there is possibility that the visitor may leave your sales page.

10 ways to use power of your words to get amazing results:

1. Capture peoples attention.

2. Create a visual picture of the product.

3. Make your product description easy and understandable.

4. Invoke reaction in people.

5. Give reasonable solution to your prospects problem.

6. Offer hope for getting success.

7. Arouse the interest of the readers.

8. Motivate people to buy your products.

9. Cause an impact on the visitors.

10. Prove your creditability and Professionalism.

Finding the right words to communicate with your prospects is very much essential for the growth of your business, as it provides you with a powerful way to present the description of the opportunity or the products that you are promoting. Below are the 30 power words that you can use to increase your sales and sign ups:

Excellent, Reliable, Creative, Expert, Knowledge, Limited, Hidden, Special, Exciting, Important, Tested, Massive, FREE, Easy, Guaranteed, Magic, Secrets, Results, Discover, Confidential, Ultimate, Discount, Sale, Profitable, Urgent, Attention, Sensational, Successful, Powerful, Remarkable.

The reason why the word “FREE” continues to be one of the top selling words throughout the internet is that everyone loves to get something without spending anything. Some words are so powerful that they can elicit emotions and create visual pictures in your readers mind, sometimes to such an extent that they can induce people to laugh, to cry or even to buy.

Always use familiar words while sending a message to your business prospects, so that whatever message you want to put forth becomes clearer and easily understandable. Including the prospects name in your message, especially in the middle of the sentence, helps to boost the attention levels. If, people come to know that you have the right solution to their problems, automatically more and more prospects will be attracted towards you thereby making your online venture a successful one.

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